Divination:In West and East Africa, West Indies, particularly Jamaica, some South American countries, especially Brazil, and Miami, Florida in the U.S. of America kola nuts are used in spiritual ceremonies. They are also used for divination and invocation of sprits. Kola nuts provide very good market for those nations in which they're grown and cultivated.

Kola nuts are chewed by people or in group setting for socialization. They are chewed mainly due to their stimulating and euphoric properties. They're also called an aphrodisiac. But, it is not uncommon for young, educated metropolitan city dwellers to frown and look down on chewing gum kola nuts. https://eta-canada24.com/ They respect chewing kola nuts because a filthy habit since a few species cause the teeth to stain red. Furthermore, chewers have a tendency to spit too. Some species of kola nuts are used as spices to enhance the taste of food. Kola nuts are also chewed before meals as an appetizer. It's also claimed that kola nuts are used to purify drinking and cooking water. evisa oman
Report Use: Adverse Effects: Social Issues: In the first days of Coca Kola in the U.S. of America, cola nuts were significant ingredients in the soft drink. Currently, cola nuts have been replaced by artificial tasting substances. Industrial Uses: The kola nuts belong to the household of trees known as Malvaceae made up of about 125 species. They grow abundantly in the Tropical Rainforests in Africa. The trees can grow as high as 65 feet . They are evergreen. Malvaceae grow in the humid areas of earth. Some species are cultivated in Brazil, Indonesia, and Jamaica. Kola nuts are used to relieve hangover,diarrhea, and nausea. The bark of this tree and the seeds are dried, powdered separately, and springled on open wounds to enhance recovery. evisa-turkey.info

The roots

The roots are chewed to wash the teeth and discourage poor breath. Kola nuts cause gastric juice secretion, consequently they are chewed as appetizers before meals. eTA Canadá